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Monday, January 31, 2011

I Love Being So Busy

I received the package! Thank you for the calendars, the music and the comics :) It was awesome.

So this week I spent two days out of the area trying to help the areas of Rosedal and Uritorco. Then we had surprise interviews with President Salas, by the time we saw our investigators and members they were saying we had disappeared or had forgotten about them. I love being so busy but it's little hard haha.

Well this past Saturday we baptized Yoana. She is the sister of our ward mission leader. It was my first baptism of a Peruvian. Now, however I am expecting many more seeing I live in the middle of a little Peruvian neighborhood. It was also my first that had to be dunked twice. It is also my first to not be confirmed the next day. She showed up to church in the middle of the sacrament being passes and our bishop said she needs to take it first, so she will be confirmed next week along with two other people who are being baptized this Saturday.

So Mateo and Elder Flaherty are both in my zone again and it's super cool to see them both like I used to in Villa Dolores.

Funny story, we are teaching a family and the mother's name is Fanny, it made me think of the Valkyrie and Po called her Aunt Fanny.

I'm sorry all my emails have become so short, but next week I'll write more and send pictures! I love you all and I'll catch ya next week.



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