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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy twenty eleven! Two thousand and eleven is going to be one amazing year. The work is going really well, great way to start! Also I just feel really good about everything, although that's how I usually feel come new years, it's just full of optimism. Also, Mother, happy birthday!!! I can't believe your turning 29.

Well, figured I would let you in on how I rolled in the year 2011. I did so partying! Not with members, however, just missionaries. The six of us in the city all got together, had an asado, drank pineapple and strawberry cider (alcohol free is hard to find, but we did it). We played some guitar and enjoyed ouselves. There was a good fireworks display. Then this morning to start the year right, we went paintballing! Eight elders, four sisters, and two members. It was super fun. It was jungle play basically. It was all overgrown greenness, really pretty, but we all got scrapped up. Out of the twelve of us, only three had ever played. Great start to the year.

It feels way weird having p-day on Saturday, I have a hard time thinking we have church tomorrow. Before I forget, I gotta throw out a big thank you for my Christmas tie, bleach pen, shirt, post its (of three styles, I don't remember telling you I was a post it addict and I'm running low), the pens, the chapstick, and the oil. You are all the best! Thanks for the support!

I'm glad to hear everyone is enjoying their vacation and the cold, I assure you it is not cold here...weird to think I'll basically have a full year of summer in 2011 (at least the majority of the year).

I'm going to end saying, I am having a hard time believing that my quest has reached its 75% completed mark. I am in the older quarter of the mission. I remember looking up to missionaries at this point in their quest and thinking it was a large milestone. Now I'm here and I can't believe it. I can accomplish a lot in six months, yet it is a short period of time. I love this work, I love my eighteen months of service. I love everyone who supports, writes, remembers, speaks of, or prays for me. I strongly encourage everyone to make the sacrifice and do this. Tate, Shea, Tyra, Mom and Dad (in twenty-thirty years), every cousin, friend, member, nothing is like it and I don't like thinking it will come to an end this year. But like I said, a lot can be accomplished in six months, and a lot will be accomplished.

Have a great new year! Love,


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