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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dakar Came Through Villa Maria!

Indeed, today is P-day, and then back to the normal Monday schedule. My new year has started well. This past week Elder Hebertson lost his last plack, so he is borrowing one of mine. Seeing how Elder is not a Spanish word people think it is our first name and often think we are brothers for having the same name. Now we are both Elder Lamoreaux so there is even more confusion, but it's fun...I just hope he doesn't lose my plack.

So we are seeing huge miracles with Marcela (I believe I've written of her before), her husband, and their children. I hope they reach their baptismal goal before I leave! She has a super strong testimony. He is improving, like a train, slowly, but he's gaining speed. It's awesome to watch and it is one of the times in my mission where I think much much more about them than about myself or anyone else, all of my thoughts are focused upon this family.

As for Dakar, it came through Villa Maria!! When? Sunday, while I was in church. We normally have a church attendance of 80 members or so, this week we were down to 35. They all went to watch Dakar. I saw two of the big trucks pass by, but that was it. However, those two trucks filled me with so much adrenaline knowing that it was Dakar passing right in front of me.

I've heard a rumor, that there is a way to make homemade egg nog. If this is true, could you please please please send me the recipe? I would also greatly appreciate the no bake cookie recipe. Thank you in advance.

It sounds like everyone is doing great! :) I am doing very well. Super happy. I'm learning patience with members, missionaries, myself, everyone, but it's good because it will be something that will help me in my post mission life as well.

I love you all, thanks for keeping me updated.



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