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Monday, February 7, 2011

Living Above A Bakery - Not A Good Place, But Boy Is It Tasty

What is up!
So, yesterday we had a confirmation, it went great! I also was informed that one of the investigators in Villa Maria (Pedro) was baptized last week. It's interesting to see how many converts come from tracting and how many come from references. If all goes well, we´ll have a mix of people being baptized from both refernces and through our own finding efforts.

So this week I spent two days in an air conditioned chapel with the mission president and a group of missionaries to be capacitated on missionary work. I ate a lot and sat indoors. Not good for my six months to sexy plan. You know what else isn't good? Living above a bakery. Every morning as I do my studies the bakers know how to make the wind blow just right to make the delicious aroma enter our apartment, then like a fool with no self control I find my way purchasing baked goods before the morning is over. I guess I'll have to increase the intensity of my morning runs, because not going to the panaderia, really isn't an option.
I also may have seen part of a real Argentina soccer game in person! In our area there is a large soccer stadium for the Belgrano Pirates soccer team. This past week the season started back up. We had no idea that soccer season was back until we made it to the street of the family home evening we had scheduled. This family happens to live directly in front of the stadium. So we found our way walking through a huge, crazy crowd of people trying to get to the Tello house. Upon arriving they invited us up to the roof where we could see part of the field. Maybe next week I'll be able to rob an SD card adapter from another elder.

If Sister Jorgensen goes to the province of Jujuy to the town of San Pedro, she will have the privilege of completing a family that we have been teaching here. There are sister missionaries in San Pedro, so if it does happen that would be way sweet. And if she ends up in Santiago del Estero, she will be in the hottest place of Argentina. But she'll love it, but she will speak with an interesting accent, her mission is like the Lousiana mission in the states.

w00t w00t! Go Tate! And Shea and Tyra. Sounds like everyone is doing awesome, that's good. I'm super duper as well. I love you all and I'll catch ya in seven days.



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