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Monday, January 24, 2011

New Area - Off The Hook

9 de Julio is off the hook. I have never been so busy in my life. I can't sleep because I am thinking about our 6347 people we are teaching. We found 15 new people, and that was while we were running around trying to teach our 12 people with baptismal dates, and help new converts, and teach everybody without baptismal dates, and deal with my companions broken shoes (he broke two pairs of shoes this past week), and try to help the twenty other missionaries in the zone. I love it. It's way hot, and I am hoping for some rains, or heavy winds or something to break the heat streak. My area is wayyy hilly. I feel like I am in San Francisco sometimes, but then I realize I have no ocean and that it's way hot. But it's cool to go hill climbing every day.

Tuesday night I got to see the Córdoba, downtown night life. Not many obedient missionaries can say that. Although, it's not quite as cool as it could have been. At 10:30 that night we got a phone call saying an elder was throwing up and had a swollen face. He was having a hard time breathing and stuff so we ended up having to go to the hospital with him and his companion. So, although I saw the late night life, it was just from a cab on the way to and from the hospital. We made it home around two that morning, yet had to go with the normal schedule anyways. The elder is alright it was just his peanut allergy.

We are teaching a very evangelist woman and she invited us to her church yesterday. She came to ours, so we went to hers. It was fun, but it felt like something was missing the whole time. But the preacher seemed like a nice guy, I know where he lives and I'm going to go knock on his door this week :)

As for my comp, he goes home in August (so one transfer after me). It's awesome having another Latin. I would serve with all Latins if I could. It's easier to stay focused because there are never conversations about music or TV. So, I like it, plus he is a great Elder, one of my best comps and we only have a week together.

Well I'm sorry this is short, there is never enough time. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week. I really appreciated the pictures, I'll try to get some to you next week.



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