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Levi's Quest in Argentina will soon be coming to a close. Levi will be returning home on July 6, 2011 after serving an unforgettable journey throughout the countryside surrounding Cordoba, Argentina.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week 8 - Leaving the MTC...but Where

Family!Okay good week I suppose. Here is the rundown...Thursday I got my flight plans!! I was scheduled to go from SLC to Dallas to Miami to Buenos Aries. A total of 23.5 hours of travel (including layovers and whatnot). But amongst all the excitement of travel plans I couldn't forget that I still do not have a visa. So I went to the travel office and demanded to know what was up...well...they don't know what's up. I don't have it and if I don't have my visa by Friday I'm being temporarily assigned stateside! It doesn't matter if I get visa or not I'm leaving Monday. I'd rather be in Argentina but anywhere other than here is awesome. And there's no way I can tell you. The computer doesn't let me log on if it's not Tuesday. So I'm sorry, but I will let you know as soon as possible. I've grown to enjoy the MTC. I love my district and my teachers, they're all awesome but in the nicest way possible, I don't want to see them again (because of the different missions thing).

Sunday, I attended a broadcast of the Oquirrh Mountain temple dedication. Monson's talk was hXc good. The others were good too. And I could not help but smile when Pres Eyring blessed the missionaries in the dedicatory prayer. it's crazy to know that people all over the world include me in their prayers, and my family :).

Okay my teacher Hermano Anderson has a cruiser (some Honda model), and talks about it quite often. Well I had told him about the VFR and the coast trips and flippin sweet they were and all that shizzle and he was impressed and jealous and now is looking into more fun bikes. just a brief funny story of what happens in class when we're supposed to be learning. We do learn, and the whole conversation was acceptable because it was in Spanish.

I lol'd over Dad and my mandals. [Wade wore Levi's sandals to Tyra's baptism.]Today was my last temple session for two years..kinda sad but it was my best time out every visit thus far to the Provo temple.

Anyways, I love you all! Thank you for all the letter's and emails and everything. You're the best family ever.

Love, Elder LMX

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Week 7 - I Left the MTC...well, kind of

Hola, muchas gracias por los packages. I loved the flag! [Levi asked if we could find an Argentina flag so he could hang it on his wall] It's totally bisnitchin fer sure. And thank you for the shirt, candy, and chips. We were on the same brain wave because one bag was for me and the other was for the district (two of my sisters love salt and vinegar but had never had Poore Brother's). As for the ring, yes size 12, yes Spanish lettering (HLJ: haz lo justo, or in English: Do the righteous), no spinner, no shield, just cool looking, and I prefer the thick ones. Thank you so very much :)I'm glad to hear school went well for everyone. Oh how I remember the countless bruises from football practice. Tell Tate now that he has started Spanish I want some in every letter from now on. I'm sure Tyra is very excited about her baptism! I'm excited, I wanna hear all about that shiz. I'm glad Grandma and Breeze will be there :)..and Dan too I guess.

The meeting with the consul went well. I still do not have my visa, and I won't have a date until I get it but hopefully I'm not pushed back. He let us do a Q and A about Argentina and I found out fast food costs three times as much as it should because people want to be "modern". Business men will eat at McDonalds over another restaurant because of this. There some other interesting things, but in gen I'm just pumped to get out.

Speaking of getting out...I left the MTC!!!!! Elder Goodman had been feeling ill for bout a week so we finally went to the health clinic here who let us walk to the real Dr down the street!! Omgsh! I saw people. I saw magazines. I heard music. It was nice to know that the outside world still existed. I really wanted to contact every person I saw..then I remembered it was Utah and I left it at hello and other friendly salutations. No worries, Elder G man is good just a lil pneumonia.

My female teacher, Hermana Cochrane is also a high school volleyball coach so she wasn't in class last week for try outs and I had two awesome subs. One of them, Hermano Dallon, was straight up legen..wait for it...dary. He helped me a lot and totally an awesome teacher.

Well I have thirteen days left hopefully. John Greenleaf Whitier once said "Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: 'It might have been'." Just a lil daily gem I thought I'd share with you, and it's a lil of how I'm looking at these next twenty two point five months. It should be good.Next week is hopefully my last P-day here so it could be my last email for awhile. I don't know but I'll keep you updated with what I do know.Love you all.

Love,Elder LMX

ps: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYRA!!!!! Eight is a totally awesome age. Live it up. Enjoy your baptism, and third grade! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Week 6 at the MTC - Hopefully Visa Coming Soon

Well I would like to start this email off with some good news. Two Argentina Elders have received their visas and left. I had a meeting with a visa agent on Friday and have a meeting with the Argentina consul tomorrow, so with how things are looking I should be leaving on time!!

Other good news, the new roomates I was supposed to get never showed up. E' G-man and I were anxious to meet them and we had some pranks ready and some intimidating lectures rehearsed just in case we didn't like them. So as our anticipation was about to end and we returned to the room Wed night nobody was there. Soo we don't know what happened but we're glad it did.

There is a new Hermana in my district (which now makes it four girls to two boys, we probably have the oldest average age for single missionaries). She is in our district because she had to have an inch and a half piece of glass surgically removed from her foot, so she is here for four more weeks while the rest of her district left. Okay so having foot surgery is funny, right? Well it gets ten times funnier when you find out that her name is Hermana Barfoot. It's hard not to laugh about it, but she is really very nice and will be serving in Bahia Blanca with Elder Blackhorse.

Oh yeah, crazy story time. During volleyball an elder who doesn't know how to play ran into a sister in my district. He knocked her over and she screamed and looked at her knee and her knee cap was not where it was supposed to be. They took her to the MTC Dr and he said it was dislocated and she probs would have a miniscal tear as well. They ambulanced her over to the hospital where they did xays and MRI and all that jazz and popped her patella back in place.
Well there was absolutely no damage and she is back to normal. fue un milagro (translated-it was a miracle)

You shouldn't need to send me any packages in Argentina, but if you do, tape a picture of the Virgin Mary on there. The mail people open up all packages and take the stuff they want, but they leave it alone if the Virgin Mary is on there. Kinda funny, and helpful.

I had the priviledge to watch a talk given by Pres Uchtdorf in which he gave some interesting new doctrine. Apparently, we will speaking German in the Big C. Maybe it was a joke, I can't be sure, but interesting to think about nonetheless.

Love you,
Elder LMX

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Week 5 at the MTC - English No More

My week has been good. Wednesday was hilarious. It was the funeral service complete with a eulogy, talks, and a special musical number. Elder Goodman and I were the pallbearers and took English out to a secluded area in the back corner of the MTC which is hidden by some big trees. We were going to say a few last words and then head back. Once we got there, however, with divine intervention we discovered we had something important to do. At our predetermined location was a shovel! So I dug a hole and we buried the casket we made and with a sharpie wrote a headstone on a rock. It was beautiful. The musical number was written by one of the sisters in about five minutes. The words were such eloquent Spanglish I wanted to cry and mourn but I couldn't help but be happy that he had inspired such beautiful music.
Yesterday a native district I had become close with departed for their respective missions. It's always sad but exciting to watch people leave.
Elder Goodman and I also received some bad news...we're getting new roommates! We are the only obedient reverent mishs on our floor. Security is called almost nightly by the floor under us because they can't sleep with noise my floor makes. I don't wanna have to hurt someone so these new guys best not mess around.
I know nothing new on the flu but nobody has left for Argentina in a month and a half and none of them have leaving dates.Thank you for the bread and for the letters and the emails.
Love you,ELMX