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Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

I'm feelin super Christmasy. It's my last mission Christmas! Elder Hebertson and I are playing acoustic Christmas shows in the plaza to find new investigators. I play the guitar and we sing Christmas hymns and the other elders contact people that listen to us. I'll try to take some pictures this weekend to send next's pure legendaryism.

This week started with intercambios (exchanges). I was with Elder Tanner Bryant (Mesa, AZ) in the small town of Las Varillas. We had a good time and worked hard and it was awesome (for lack of better words). That was Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Thursday we woke up at 3:30 to get on a 4:00 o´clock bus to Córdoba for the Zone Conference. I saw some good friends and had some good times. It was a half p-day half zone conference. After the spiritual part, we all played soccer, volleyball, obstacle race, tug of war, sack race, and water fight. We had an asado, and received an engraved mate cup from the president and his wife. I also received a package from my family! However, I still have not received an SD card letter, I am assuming it is not going to make it here. I greatly appreciate the candy! And I am saving all the gifts for Saturday...mainly because Elder Hebertson is lame and won't let me open them :(. He also received two packages. One with Christmas decorations! So we have a little tree, snowflakes, and lights. This Christmas feels a lot more Christmasy than the last. He also received music so that adds to it. He also received two stockings (one for him, one for his comp). Each stocking contains twelve gifts, so every night we get to open one until Christmas and each one has a scripture reference and the scripture is related to the gift. For example a scripture about clean hands is accompanied by a bar of soap. It's fun :).

As for other things going on, although it's way hot and humid, I will see a white Christmas. How? White in baptismal clothing! We have been struggling a little bit lately, we haven't been seeing the results we want, but the Lord has seen our faith and our diligence and has blesses us with a baptism I didn't see happening till January! I'm so excited! It will be Elder Hebertson's second and he will have baptized every month of his mission thus far (MTC excluded).

Now for the Christmas call. Pres Salas recommended us calling instead of being called. So, Saturday morning I'll be calling around 10/11 my time, if you have any problems let me know, it can be later if you'd like.

Tell Kayla happy birthday and all our family Merry Christmas and I love and miss them.

Paz fuera che,


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