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Monday, August 30, 2010

Makeshift Tacos...Not the Same as Home

The weather is getting warm, but it beats the cold, sweating makes me feel like I'm working hard. I'm hoping for some rain soon, I haven't seen much this winter, but that's usually how it goes here, December brings in the rains usually.

Work related, it was a difficult week, but there was still some miracles that occured. First of which took place in a grocery store. A young married couple invited us to eat lunch with them Wednesday, they live about as far as possible away and still be in Villa Dolores. Out in there direction we had a contact we were planning on seeing since we would be out in that direction. Well we saw her in the grocery store buying Tuesday's lunch. We talked to her and she informed us she had just recently moved, so we didn't end up wasting time looking for someone that didn't live there anymore. Next was a friend of ours, Romero. He has found himself in a poor health situation. As he left the hospital he thought of us and how it had been awhile since we had talked. Elder Flaherty and I had had a rough day with no success and found ourselves standing on a street corner at night not knowing what to do when Romero happened to drive by us. It was a really cool experience and it turned the night around. The third, to round off this trilogy of miracles, involves Beatriz. According to President Hunter someone is truly converted when the desire to share the gospel with others. Beatriz brought two of her daughters and three grand kids to church on Sunday. Super cool.

Funny story. Missionaries all miss Mexican food and we all make makeshift tacos, and somewhere along the road every missionary has cooked tacos for a member. Well, yesterday Hermana Tello made 108 tacos for lunch. They were way good...except for the Argentine spin: mayonase, katchup, and mustard.

As for Eli, she is one of my favorite peopele in Argüello. She is a convert who has gone through some rough times and I had the priviledge of helping her and her children. She is honestly one of the nicest people I've ever met. What she said is "I know ELMX. He baptized two of my kids Agustin and Rocio. We love him, he is a blessing in our lives and an excellent missionary. With much love, Eli (short for Elizabeth)". I can't believe she remembers me and found you on facebook. Tell her "mi hijo manda saludos y dice que extraña a su familia y que les quiere mucho"
Well that's my week.
Have a great week.


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