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Monday, August 2, 2010

It's A Crazy Time, But I Love It

So transfers came. I am now in the area known as Villa Dolores (same area), and my companion, Elder J. Cale Flaherty (sane companion). Villa Dolores is a small city of about 40,000 residents. The branch has over 300 members, and an average attendance of 20-30. Elder Flaherty is a great elder from Gilbert, AZ. He has a little over ten months in the mission and is a bright, hard worker. As for the other two elders in the district...well they are the same, too. Transfer night is like Christmas Eve. There is so much anticipation and anxiousness and you can guess all day long, but you'll never really know until the phone call comes. I can't believe both Elder Flaherty and I are going to spend a fourth of our mission in the same area. Hopefully the work goes well and we can find some new people who will progress. We had another inactive member in church on Sunday, and we have another member who is just waiting for his stake presidency interview to send in his mission papers.

Hard to believe I have been away from home for thirteen months. It flies. Yet, I look back and it seems like sooo much has happened. It's a crazy time, but I love it. Not sure what to say. I walk around the streets of a foreign country every day trying to find people who want to find peace in this life and life eternal in the here after. I can testify that God works miracles, me being here is one. I truly appreciate the support and love I receive from everyone. I'm still a little overwhelmed thinking of the calling I have, and the little time I have to do it. Hope everyone has an awesome week.

With much love,


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