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Monday, August 23, 2010

Warming Up In Argentina

This week was definitely warm, it felt good to sweat again. We ended up having an interesting week. Elder Laws (Merlo) had to travel to Córdoba for the week, so I was living/working in a trio for five days. We spent half the week in Merlo and half the week in Villa Dolores (so neither area went too neglected). While in Merlo we took the stairway to heaven, and ended up contacting two men (two different days) who are fluent in English. One night Elder McClellan woke up with a killing ear ache and saw me roll over so he woke me up and asked me for a blessing. It was the first English blessing I have given in quite some time and it was three in the morning. It was interesting but it helped and he was able to go back to sleep right away. In the morning Elder Flaherty told us he had a weird dream that I gave Elder McClellan a blessing in the middle of the night but he didn't know why. Elder McClellan and I just laughed in response, but later explained.

On Saturday a young boy in the ward (Facundo...which I plan on naming one of my children) turned seven so we crashed his birthday party and I felt like I was celebrating Po's birthday by proxy haha. Beatriz is doing awesome and sharing her testimony with everyone, and she is trying to get her family to come with her to church or to listen to us. The armadillo was just in the road so we grabbed it last week and took a picture.

This week we also had an attendence double that of last week. We were over forty and neither missionary spoke! We each have spoken six timesish I've lost count and don't even remember all my topics.

Well that was my week. I'm glad everyone is doing awesome and making me proud.
Love you.


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