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Monday, August 9, 2010

Time Goes By Too Fast Sometimes

Hard to believe summer break is over. I feel like last week school ended and you were chocho (Argentine for stoked) for you cruise/road trip and everyone else to be out of school. We had our first rains since April this week. Only this time they were freezing! It would rain, turn all the dirt streets to mud, then freeze...but wouldn't snow :(. Now it's heating up and I've already shed the jacket. I hope the nice weather endures for awhile. So Beatriz is doing awesome. Becoming better friends with everyone, sharing her testimony and participating in class, offering prayers. It is the type of baptism you dream of. Especially because every other I leave the area and don't see them progress, so it's exciting. The Cordero family is doing fact so awesome they fed Elder Flaherty and I an awesome asado. It was--if I may--legendary.

Another big holiday came rolling through Argentina this week, Día del Niño (Children's Day). In the town's amphitheatre, thousands gathered to watch acrobats, juggling, magic, and other things to entertain children. In church, Sunday school ended early so we could all eat alfajors (pronounced alpha whores, which you will all be experiencing in eleven months because I am bringing as many as I can home to share), and drink hot chocolate.

My funniest story of the week occurred Saturday. After a lot of knocking and talking Elder Flaherty and I stopped to drink a peso Coke (glass bottles cokes that cost a peso, but you can't leave with them, because they exchange the bottles, so you just drink them on the curb, or if you're lucky a chair outside). While drinking we had a crazy looking man wearing large dark aviators, a large llama fun beanie, and trench coat, with maybe three teeth and crutches approach us. He told us to send our regards to President Obama. We laughed and he said no I'm serious. And started asking us if we were agents for the CIA or FBI or CTU. We said we were missionaries and introduced ourselves and asked for his name, he responded with--in English--"Indian Chief". We continued to converse a little, but he was one of the most interesting men I have a met. Oh Indian Chief, hope he's doing well.

Well, another week come and gone. This time goes by too fast sometimes. I feel like I just arrived to Argentina, then I remember it's been awhile, then I feel I just arrived to Villa Dolores then I remember it's been over four months and that I'm over half done with this quest. It's crazy to think, and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity and to have the support I do. I thank you all. Love you all tons. Stay awesome.



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