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Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! I'm celebrating Labor Day with an Argentine asado (probably the best of my mission) and a good round of paintball. I walked out of the arena with only three welts. 'Twas a fun day. This week we received some much needed rain.

Back on the subject of tacos from last week. Funny joke: why can't Mexicans play pool? They eat all the tacos (pool sticks are called tacos here). Saw some circus lions and tigers. Interesting fact about circus animals in Argentina: due to the massive amount of stray dogs and cats, the circus workers collect and use them as the main staple of the African animals´ diet.

And cool missionary story for the week: while working in a little town across the river from Villa Dolores, Elder Flaherty and I knocked a woman's door whose husband had just passed away. We were unaware and were caught off guard when she asked who had sent us. We were able to share Alma 40:11-12 with her, it went well and we're going to go see her again this week. We also have a big conference with our new Area President Elder Arnold this week, so I get to go to Córdoba and see almost the whole mission.

So I have some cool news. Our world focuses on where the money is, meaning United States of America, Europe, etc, which has helped the beautiful creature Nessi gain her popularity (being from western Europe). Well, of not so famous standing is possibly an equally cool natural phenomenon. His name is Nahuelito. In the province of Bariloche is found a large, lake creature resembling that of Nessi. I was soo stoked when I found out. Too bad it's out of my mission :( but still cool that I'm in the same country!

Love you all! Enjoy your holiday. Imma try to send some pix like always haha.



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