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Monday, July 26, 2010

First Baptixm in Villa Dolores in a Year

Happy Monday! Let's go in chronological order of the week shall we. Argentina has a lot, I mean A LOT of holidays. Animal day, student day, bald people day, Virgin day, and the list goes on. Tuesday was Friend Day. At midnight we started receiving text messages from members saying happy friend day, I turned the phone off, and seeing how it was the middle of the night I forgot come morning. As we left and went out into the streets we heard people all over greeting one another with "happy day, friend", after a couple instances we remembered what day it was, we decided to use this day to our advantage. Every person we saw we greeted energetically with "happy day" or "happy friend day" etc. When they saw our enthusiasm they responded equally, and although we had never met, they would greet us with happy day back. We then would converse or go into talking about our best friend. We shared the scripture in John that says no greater love hath man this, he who lays down his life for his friends. It went really well and was really fun.

Next day...a bird pooped in Elder Flaherty's hair. Next day, our branch was having a party for the birthday of one of the young women. Elder Flaherty and I crashed the party with guitar in hand to surprise everyone and play a lil somethin. Beatriz (our awesome investigator was there) so we were talking to her, when the Cordero family arrived. Brother Cordero didn't know Beatriz but we had invited him to the baptism that very day. He introduced himself and then the first thing out his mouth was "I heard you're getting wet". She laughed and said yes, and he continued talking to her, bearing testimony and sharing his first experiences with the church and it was awesome! The next day (Friday) was filled with what most would call luck, but those in this work know there is no such thing. On the outskirts of town there is a neighborhood where neither Elder Flaherty nor I had previousle ventured. We were told there was a member family out there. Without much idea of where in the neighborhood we went searching. We completely passed their house, but they happened to leaving in that moment and stopped us to talk. They invited us over and we're excited to go see them again this week. Next we had planned to visit a couple other member families to invite them to Saturday's baptism. First house we knocked, no one was home, as we walked down the driveway they pulled up. Next house they were leaving when we arrived, next house, as we were leaving they arrived. We barely found everyone on our list that day, but we did find everyone! Saturday we ate lunch with the Cordero family and told them of our blessed Friday, Sister Cordero said there are no coincidences in missionary, then we left to catch a bus, and as we walked out the door, there it was, and she yelled no coincidences as we got on. We didn't know exactly where this bus went but we knew it went in the right direction. When we realized it passed the chapel (where we were heading) we got off immediately, where? Directly in front of an inactive, returned missionary's store. We went in and invited him. He was super excited for us, and told us he would give up his siesta to be there (not only did he come, he brought his nonmember wife, who loved it, and got along super well with everyone).

So that leaves us at the baptism. It was super d00per. We had a lot of people come, we had to set up more chairs. Five investigators came. A lot of members (including hermano Cordero). It was beautiful! The hot water heater didn't work, yet Beatriz told us she wasn't cold at all. It was just indescribable. The first in Villa Dolores in a year, and my first in three transfers. Everyone loved it, and we had a good turn out in church the next day. I live for weekends like that.

Now to finish this timeline of the week. A member in Merlo recently opened a paintball arena. We called our mission president and he said I don't see how paintball is less dangerous than soccer, wear masks, be safe and have fun. So we did just that. We played with three 18 year old nonmembers and their 19 year old member friend. It was super fun. We played gringos vs Latins and won two of the three games. Los amo un montón. Tengan una semana de diez.



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