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Monday, March 1, 2010

Eight Months Out...Crazy

Yep eight months. One third. That's crazy, that's a large fraction.

I do not have any word on the Chile earthquake. Elder Pacheco tried calling his family but they did not answer because there are no communications, but they live in Chillon near Concepción so I really want to hear how they are. I still have yet to feel an earthquake (or at least recognize it) so I would say I felt nothing from Chile nor Salta, I wasn't even aware Salta had one.

Is there any temple news for Phoenix, Gilbert, or Gila Valley?

So this week was challenging. We are working way hard, talking to everybody (without exaggerating), and praying and doing all we should, yet we aren't seeing many fruits. Elder Haacke is great. We get along very well, and work all day long. His Spanish frustrates him but I've already seen him improve a lot. I still cannot believe I'm training when I have so much to learn still. We found a promising young man of seventeen years this week, however, and he made me laugh way hard. When we met him we asked if we could come in and he said he would like us to but his mother is a little "freaky freaky" which neither Elder Haacke nor I knew was an expression in Spanish.

I'm loving this mission, this time in my life. I'm excited that Tate is excited to serve because I would not trade this for anything. Regardless of how difficult some days are, everyday you go to bed feeling good that you did all you could to help people. I love you all and I appreciate your prayers, your letters, your love and your support.

Till next week,

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