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Monday, February 22, 2010

Training and More

So training:

My companion is Elder Andrew Haacke from Farmington, Utah (that's where Lagoon is at). He is a stud and we get along great. He works hard, doesn't speak but tries and when in doubt he testifies but he is going to learn quick. He is the middle of three children and his favorite band is Brand New. We work hard and I'm learning a ton. I didn't feel my Spanish was as good as it could've been but now I have to understand everything people say because I don't have somebody backing me up (in the understanding department), but I'm way happy to be serving with him.

We finally received a new window Friday (the night a storm blew in) and we're almost done undoing the damage done.

I had to go do some paperwork for immigration today, giving up the majority of my p-day, but it's cool.

I ate lunch with an American family on Sunday! Elder Guthrie's parents and older brother came down to pick him up from Argentina, spent the week here and ate with us Sunday afternoon. His older brother was proof that there is life after the mission. I already knew there was but sometimes it seems like a myth. Like in "Logan's Run" you think they're leaving and going to another place and all is good but you never really know.

I ate this way good thing called ñoquis this week. It is a potato noodle. Yeah sounds weird but try it, way good.

Anyways that's about the week. I'm happy to be here. I love the ward, the investigators, the missionaries, it's a great place to be. God has shown me many things in my short time here and I learn something everyday.

I love you guys. Take care.


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