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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Working Hard and Loving It

Elder Haacke and I are working hard and loving it but sometimes it's hard, but never discouraging. I'm still loving this work and my time here. I don't want to leave Argûello but I think I only have two weeks left.

We have an investigator named Miguel who reads every reading assignment before we come and his countenance is brighter every time we see him. Also, an investigator named Noelia who we took a family with to teach her turns out to be even closer to the family than we were told making it more of a miracle that we chose to take them to a lesson with her (she was their late daughters best friend for many years, and we had no idea).

We received some more crazy rain which was my fault. As we were eating lunch that day I commanded it to rain without a cloud in the sky. That night it rained, and it did not stop for the next day and a half. I'm still waiting for cold weather, I'm tired of this hot sticky weather.

I want to be the best member missionary when I return (which I'm sure all missionaries say, but I really do want to do so).

So one adventure. Elder Haacke and I wanted to take a different bus one day to shake things up and have ourselves an adventure, well this bus eventually turned and took us in the wrong direction, making it more of an adventure than we had planned for, but it all turned out okay :)

Love you all! Take care and have a super d00per spring break.


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