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Monday, March 29, 2010

Bien Dia (translated to Good Day)

Well I keep with my record of a new companion every transfer and a new area every two transfers. I am now located in a city called Villa Dolores (about four hours from Córdoba to the west southwest). My companion is Elder Bushnell from Ogden, Utah (we have the same time in the mission, he was in Elder Lamb's district in the MTC). There are four of us in the area. One of the others is from Mesa and the other is from Utah and we are all going to have an awesome transfer. This city is very reminiscent of Oncativo: small, quiet, dead during the siesta, and a branch of 25. Usually you receive transfer news from your district or zone leaders unless there is something special like training or becoming zone leader or something. Well I was not sure what to think when President Olsen called me transfer night. He told me that Villa Dolores has had some missionaries is a slump lately and that he feels the area has people ready to hear the gospel and he wants me to pull it out of this slump. So we're gonna see what I can do.

That's way awesome about Dad's coworker!!! I love baptisms! I'm sad I'm not going to see a couple in Argüello that will be happening the week after conference, but the important thing is that they are making covenants, not that I'll be there to watch them do it.

Alright something that I have come to dislike about missionary work. You become very close to people; to the members, investigators, the girl who works in your bakery, etc. Then comes transfers and you have to say goodbye. It's not fun, especially when I know I'm going to come to love the people here in Villa Dolores as well then I'll have to say least till the Big C.

Anyway I'm stoked to be in the middle of nowhere again. Thank you for the prayers and support and the love. You're great.



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