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Monday, March 8, 2010

March Rains

Tuesday: Flooding. Not very often do we eat in the apartment, but we did this day. At lunch time it started raining, and hard. Luckily we were in the apartment to prevent too much flooding. However, we were stuck there to protect the apartment and all our stuff for awhile and not working. But we finally got everything situated and ventured out into the storm. There was a cab parked in the flooded street and we pushed him out getting absolutely drenched. However, despite the rain and all we were so happy leaving having helped the people in the cab and the cab driver.

Thursday: I was almost eaten by a dog.

Sunday: Elder Civic (from the area presidency) visited our ward and I got to meet him and we gave him the last fifteen minutes of the testimony meeting, it was pretty sweet. Then that night we taught an investigator with some members and they asked us to give one of the children a blessing. We explained how blessings work and asked who she wanted to do the anointing and who to do the sealing. The young girl chose Elder Haacke for the blessing, so with less than three weeks in Argentina he gave his first blessing in Spanish and it was way awesome.

Monday: We ate Mexican food...kinda :)

That's my week. Fun and rough and awesome and I'm still loving it here. Thanks for the updates. Congrats on all your certifications. And congrats to Shea for braces and Tyra for her speaking part. You're all the best. I love you all and I'll talk to you next week.



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