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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Way Awesome Week

Okay, well this week is just full of fun things to fill you in on...
My trainer Elder Shae Curtis Abraham is back in the states. I painted a house and ate a huge asado and had root beer for the first time in my mission (it does not exist down here a member buys a ton of extract when he goes to the states, which is regularly). I was able to work up in the mountains for an afternoon, way sweet! Elder Haacke and I started changing ties when someone leaves the room to see if they'll notice, no one has caught on yet haha. I received the biggest, sloppiest, drunkenest kiss (on the cheek) by a man in the street. Elder Haacke's girlfriend completed another year of life on Saturday so we celebrated with an ice cream cake some lil banners and a baptism.

As for some miracles this week: Elder Haacke and I clapped a door and when a woman answered we saw one of our old investigators sitting in her house. So we taught a lesson and kind of used Mariana like we would a member to help teach. I think it went very well for both Carolina (the new girl) and Mariana (the old one). Other miracle: Elder Haacke and I were talking to a lady in the street when a car pulls up next to us and asks us where our church is and when we can come visit them. This family has five children and we were able to teach them all and half the family came to our baptismal service Saturday.

Way awesome week. So this is the last week of the transfer so next week we'll see where I'll be (I'm hoping to stay, due to the awesome area, companion and other roommates).Well I'll catch ya next week.

Hasta luego

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