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Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Villa Dolores is verryyy different from Argüello. It is going to be difficult just as President Olsen had warned me. I came into an area with no investigators or animo (animo doesn't really exist in English but enthusiasm would be the closest thing) or members with desires to help or even come to church. There are about three hundred members in this area and about twenty to thirty in church each week. Our two former branch presidents don't even come to church, so there is a lot of work cut out for me, but I'm still loving it and excited to turn things around. We did find a couple people to teach during the week and one of them came to conference along with an inactive member we met with. Yup all four of us missionaries live together and we get along super well. It's cool having another Elder from the valley we know all the same local bands and know some of the same people, and the other two are great as well.

My favorite talks from conference include President Uchtdorf (on patience) and President Eyrings (on diligence and accomplishing what the Lord expects of you, probably my fav) from Priesthood session. I also enjoyed Pres Eyring's talk from Saturday and Elder Bednar and Elder Holland (I suggest watching Elder Holland's, not reading it). Sunday afternoon there was a way good one on mothers :) and just to let you know all five sessions were almost entirely about families and their duties and their importance and all that. I think it's incredible that no subjects are assigned yet the talks, their themes, and the songs all coordinate together to make--as Elder Andersen put it Sunday afternoon--"a beautiful symphony of revelation".

So my week consisted of getting to know the area, the missionaries, the members, and trying to get to know my neighbors (btw we are gringos, under us extremely odd old man, to the right a gay couple, to the left a blind couple, we are an interesting stretch of houses).

I love you all! Thank you for your prayers, for your love, for your support, for the nineteen years I had at home to learn from all of you (big theme from conference: teaching in the home). Cuidense mucísimo. Les amo. Hasta luego.



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