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Saturday, October 3, 2009

¡Viva Argentina!

So I made it! I´m in Argentina, for 21 months. It´s crazy. After three airplanes a lot of confusion, a Spanish temple session in Buenos Aires and a long bus ride I´m in my first area, Oncativo. It´s a small town outside Córdoba by an hour and a half or so. My comp is Elder Shae Abraham, from small town in Wyoming and has 18 months under his belt. I woke up in the middle of the night and had no idea where I was and when it hit me I was in Argentina and I would be for some time. I got excited but it was weird to think about lol. So it´s definitely different here. It's much different here (obviously) but I'm loving it thus far. I'll share more Monday (p day) but for now I'll give you a rundown on my pensión (apartment). It's humble. Nobody has carpet down here it's all tile and crazy dusty but cool. There is no bath tub just a shower head off the wall in the bathroom a drain in the center of the bathroom floor and a squeegee to scoop it all to the center when you're done, it's way cool :). I haven't spoken to a whole lot of people but these folks speak much faster than those in Ballmer. There are more dirty stray dogs than there are at Havasupi. Traffic/driving is crazy I don't know how they don't hit people, cars, or dogs when driving. But it's fun, I'm excited, and I'm safe.

I'm in a "cyber" watching conference, because I´m in a town with fifteen members and there´s no church building (we meet in an office building) so we are watching it online for two days.

I'm so happy and grateful I have this opportunity.
Paz y amor (Peace and Love),

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