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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Visizzle...My Visa Arrived

My visa came!! Last night at tenish Pres gave me a call and after the friendly "how are you"s he cut the point and said "you're leaving" I couldn't believe it. I thought he was calling to rebuke us for going over our alloted car miles or something, the thought of a visa didn't even occur, but it's here.
My flight to Miami leaves at three thirty. From Miami I fly to Buenos Aires and will arrive at six thirty in the morning. I don't know any other details, but I'll be able to call from one of the airports tomorrow probably around twoish so eleven AZ time if I'm correct. Hopefully I can talk to someone. And I have a travel companion because Elder Lamb got his visa too! It'll be long but fun and I'm super excited :)
I've really enjoyed my month in the MD but Cordoba is waiting.
Talk to you soon, literally,
ps I was excited to watch Conference in English but now Imma see/hear in Spanish only, hope I can follow and learn something good.

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