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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fajitas and Fanta

Hello from Sur America (btw here they teach that the Americas are one continent, so they look at you as if you were elephant speaking French if you tell them you're from America, because, they are too, it's not a country just a continent).
So Saturday was zone meeting. I met the rest of my zone and we had a meeting and talks from the leaders, and then we got mail! Three letters, holla at yo boi. After the meeting Elder Abraham and I were walking back to the bus terminal very hungry (twas five in the afternoon and we didn't have time for breakfast in order to get to our bus on time to get to Córdoba). We pass this big building called Dino Saurio Mall. My companion informs me all malls have a Burger King and he could go for a burger, I'm still trying to indulge in my Argentine foods but was very hungered and was not going to argue. Well they didn't have a Burger King. That morning as we were trekking to our zone meeting I was reminiscing of rice and beans and tortillas (none of which exist here). My comp reassured me that I needed to stop complaining and it would be a good idea to forget about mexican food because it simple didn't exist in Argentina. Well forget about Burger King, Dino Saurio had a lil place with fajitas!! For 22 pesos (cheaper than BK). Also, this was the first place Abraham has been to that serves refills. So my second week in and I know where to go for food and refills! Good day.
The following day was Stake Conference, so I got to ride a colectivo to Córdoba again! w00t. It was good, the accents are still hard to understand but I'm doing a little better, especially when gringos speak. President Olsen spoke and I got it all. Not only was yesterday Conferencía de Estaca but día de la madre as well! So, although you're not in Argentina, feliz día de la madre Mom! :)
The weather comes and goes. It's usually hot during the day and cold at night. It's cold every morning when I get up but Argentines are crazy. It'll be hot, I'll be sweating as I walk around, and they wear sweaters, I don't get it. Maybe I'll change and be like them when I get home though so Phoenix will be a lil more bearable. And as for's flat with no vegetation, so not really, no, it's not pretty. At least between where I'm at and the big city of Córdoba at least.
Elder Abraham had been in the area for five weeks before I showed up. It's a new area, just like where I was in Balmer, it's also one of the wealthiest parts of Argentina, just like where I was in Balmer. And we don't do dinner appointments. The Argentine schedule is wake up at eight or so and work till twelve, eat a big lunch (main meal of the day) and take a big nap. Then return to work somewhere around five of six, and work till nine, then eat a dinner which isn't really much. There are four families in the ward and three of them feed us lunch every week. And one night we were visiting an investigator (one of our two, nobody is receptive similar to Balmer) who started cooking dinner and fed us, so three/four times a week. I cook myself a lot eggs (they're cheap and easy), pasta (but the sauce isn't as good), and Elder Abraham loves cooking deserts, and since we're one of the few pensiones with an oven he makes breads and tortas and stuff. We have a mini fridge and live across the street from a member's store so we go there every day since the only thing they sell in quantities large enough to last more than a day is eggs. I love their milk, but it comes in tiny bags that suffice for two bowls of cereal. This week we're gonna have an asado!! That's an Argentine bbq were you use carbón (what they made at the Coke Ovens) and cook a ton of meat. According to my trusty comp we're gonna have more food than we can handle for thirty pesos. I'm stoked.
Okay, time for the end of this ridonculously long email after I give you some exciting news!! There is an incredible young man named Eduardo in my ward (but he lives in another town so we don't see him enough :/), well he has been a member since he was a child but went inactive since his family wasn't in the church. Well, recently his mother and sister were baptized and came to conference with us, and this Saturday his dad is getting baptized. Eduardo is one of my favorite people I've met since my quest began back in julio and I'm excited for him and his family and his dad. Oh but wait, there's more. Sunday not only are we having a confirmation of Eduardo padre (senior) but Eduardo hijo (junior) is receiving the big MP. It's way awesome and I'm excited for him and his family, it will be a big blessing and this weekend is going to be amazing.
Well, that's it for now. I love you guys and Imma be emailin yall in seven days time.
Paz y amor.

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