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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Okay I typed you a crazy long message like last week, but myldsmail sucks and deleted it. So here is my effort at duplicating the masterpiece that was supposed to have reached you already.

'Tis been a week of up and downs. Like a slide, with the angle perfect enough that your initial inspection tells you that it'll be a fun slide, until you get to the bottom and realize the huge oversight of the horizontal ledge at the bottom (I wish the computer would let post photos but I am unable it make it work).

Well this week started with a slumber party at Elder Lamb's pad the night before zone conference. We did work, made tacos, and some of us slept on chairs. And I got to finally see the big city. I'm an hour away from the closest missionaries, and two hours away from the next closest, but I met some new elders at zone conference!! But a couple are going home soon. I get along with my comp really well, I hope we stay together next transfer so we can have Christmas and New Years together (both of which are celebrated with massive amounts of huge fireworks).

Saturday, the water in our chapel did not work, so the baptism has been postponed three weeks. hXc bummer.

Fútbol (soccer) is exciting down here and it's an easy way to talk to people haha. Btw chapels have outdoor soccer courts and not indoor basketball courts here.

President Olson came by my casa to inspect it and give me the ole interview. I have two large holes in a pair of pants-idk how i have holes but theyre big and ill sew um and see about getting some here. I've been clapping at some houses - clapping is how we knock because everybody almost has fences or gates in front of their houses. I survived a massive sand storm that had me trapped on the opposite side of town while dirt filled our home. The sand storm was a freak thing but our windows were open and I had clothes on the line. And I purchased what I thought to be juice but later found out is flavored soy milk.

This place is awesome. I love my mission, the people, the food, the friends, everything. But I also love you all! Stay awesome.


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