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Monday, May 2, 2011

It's A Wonderful Time in Argentina

Thank you for the Happy Birthday shout out. On our lunch calendar I put it was my birthday and everybody wanted to put their name down, it was funny. After church everyone was telling me and they were inviting me to eat on Wednesday and on Thursday saying there is no problem in celebrating a birthday a little late. I'm stoked to eat some cake, I'm going to miss Argentine cake. Not only was Sunday awesome for all of that, but, Brenda (Mcarcelo's baby) was blessed, Brisa was confirmed, and Marcelo received the Aaronic Priesthood. Pretty good day.

So in our meeting with the area president last week, he showed us a video clip of President Hinckley encouraging us to double baptisms. We then analyzed the video and found that what President Hinckley said we needed to do to double them was have a combined effort with the members and fervent prayer. Elder López and I always take members to lessons and sometimes take investigators to members for lessons but we both felt that President Hinckley meant a little more than that when he said working together with the members. So we got to thinking, but more importantly doing. We starting working super hard and started changing things up in our "member work". We also decided to combine the two things President Hinckley had stated (working with members and prayer). So Saturday when we started our fast we decided to go by a members house to start our fast. He was more than happy to lend us his house and asked if he could also participate in the fast (something we had not thought of but definitely were not going to deny). So we did. We all knelt together and started our fast together and it was super powerful. Sunday morning he asked how the fast was going and said he needed Books of Mormon because he had four people that had agreed to listen to us. Way awesome and we are going to continue working like this. I have two months left and I have to work super hard to be able to reach my goals so let's see if this is the way to do it.

Funny story: look in the picture of Marcelo and Milagros' baptism that I sent. Half a dog is in the picture. That dog is Chiripa. Chiripa came into sacrament meeting yesterday. He is a funny dog, but isn't even the dog of Marcelo or Miryam or anyone, but he wants to be haha.

Aiight, have an awesome week and have fun tomorrow for me!



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