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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busy Week...Sorry I Missed You on Monday

Happy Thursday!!

I know, you are all thinking, "uhhh what happened? Today is Thursday." Well let me explain.

At the end of every month we have a a meeting with Pte. Salas to discuss how the month went, what we are planning on doing in the coming month and so forth. This month, President and the asistants decided to have the meeting on Monday to spend P-Day together. Elder Lorimer, Elder Moore, Elder Antúnez and Elder Bullock all came Sunday night to stay the night because they had long bus rides to come into the city. So it was good to see a couple elders and hang out a little bit Sunday night. Then Monday morning we got up and got ready and went on over to the mission home for our meeting. As we are all hanging out eating the breakfast they had for us, Sister Arnold comes in. Sister Arnold is the wife to Elder Arnold, the area president. Seeing her there, meant he was there. What a surprise. We had an excellend meeting with him all morning. Talking about the Lord's work, lighthouses, consecration, and other subjects. He also told us to tell our families that he loves us and prays for us just like our families. After Elder Arnold spoke he quietly left and we continued the meeting with Pte. Salas. We then ate lunch and hung out and played soccer the rest of the day there in the mission home with the president and everyone. We got home at nine that night so there was no time to hit the cyber.

"That's all good and well," you are thinking, "but today is Thursday, what happened to Tuesday and Wednesday?" Tuesday I was busy working with Elder Lerma (TX), we had a great day, full of work, full of fun. Wednesday, I was busy on exchanges with Elder Bryant (AZ), so again I wasn't able to go to the cyber. But now here we are, Thursday, and I am finally with my comp again and we are able to inform our families of how everything is.

I am doing well, although, slightly ill. Monday I went to bed with a wicked fever, a wickeder congested/runny nose, and the wickedest sore throat. Everyday there has been some improvement but I still sound like a frog when I speak and still can't breath. But, as we know, no unhallowed hand will stop this work, so I continue finding, teaching, and baptizing. I love my job. Too bad they don't pay, or I'd do it professionally haha.

I'm glad you all had a great Easter weekend. Mine went well as well. Here the Easter tradition is hallow chocolates filled with little candies, they are called "Huevos de Pascua" which means Easter eggs, although they are not eggs haha. They also follow the Catholic tradition of not eating read meat, so I had fish for the second time in my mission, I miss sea food!

Aiight, love you all, I'll be writing on Monday and calling on Sunday! Take care, catch ya on the flip side, chau.


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