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Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy, Productive Week - Great Way to Serve

Wow, so much happened this week it's hard to believe it has only been seven days.

I guess we'll start with Monday. First we visited a referral we had received from a member. Although she gave us the name and address of this person very hesitantly saying it wasn't going to work out. We took it as a challenge. We show up and taught Nereida, and she accepted a baptismal date and neither of the two members who know her believed us. We then followed up during the week and found her sister who lives in the same house and she is way awesome as well. That was a great way to start the week. That same night we went by Lucas´ (the boy who was just baptized)house to talk a little and help in the whole priesthood prep thing. We show up and he has a friend over, and started teaching his friend and asked him to say the closing prayer and invited him to seminary and everything. One day as a member and he is already a missionary, it was way cool, reminded me when TK invited his friend over, although ours turned out a little better haha.

Then Tuesday, I went on exchanges with Elder Bryant, we had a blast and saw a couple miracles.

Let's fast forward to Saturday. We start the day off with an outrageously expensive haircut. Elder López and I walked all over trying to find an open barbershop, we were so desperate that by the time we found one open we just walked in and Elder López sat down without asking how much they charge. They put the cape on front and tie it around his neck and he remembers to ask as they start the clippers and start cutting. The woman calmly responds 40 dollars and the eyes of Elder López opened like the Red Sea when the Israelites crossed through. I didn't cut my hair this week haha.

We then went to Elder Flaherty and Elder Bryant's area to teach an investigator and interview another one. It went great, we then returned to our area to eat lunch and to place a baptismal date with an 83 year old blind woman, she will be my record for oldest and my second blind person, just cool to know people can follow Christ regardless of age and physical limitations.

We then went to the area of Alto Alberdi to help with a rough situation they are dealing with, then returned to our area, grabbed to investigators and took them to a baptism in the Rosedal Ward. We then returned to our area to eat choripan and cake to celebrate Milagros´ birthday with the Paz family. It was a fun/busy day.

It was a busy, productive week.

Love you all, have a great week!


Shoot Chuck and Raygun a feliz cumplaño!

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