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Monday, May 30, 2011

Interesting / Fun Week

"Amazing still it seems. I'll be 23. I won't always love what I'll never have. I won't always live in my regrets."
Pop quiz: where are these lines from? I want to know who answered the question and if they had to use the internet or not.

Well we had an interesting/fun week. I was able to work with Elder McQueen (SLC, UT) on Tuesday, he is way awesome and we are planning motorcycle rides post-mish. Then Wednesday his kid arrived, Elder Holtby (South Jordan, UT). Between the four of us we had a lot of work, a lot of fun, and a baptism! Zenaida Chanchaya is a 83 (84 this weekend) year old, Peruvian, blind woman who strongly had the desire to get baptized, so we helped her fulfill her wish. After she met us she dreamt she was walking down a wide, dark road. Christ then invited her to follow the narrow, bright path. She took that as a sign and progressed beautifully. The hot water heater is broken in our chapel. Our bishop assigned one of our counselors to call the repairman, he said he called and they came, he didn't call, they didn't come. So we were super concerned we did not want this woman to die or catch a cold or anything, yet all we had was cold water. Elder Holtby got in first to test it out, he said it was cold. We helped Zenaida go down the first couple steps to see how she reacted to the water. She said it was warm, Elder Holtby said she was crazy. She was baptized with no problems. Her baptismal clothing, was even warm afterwards, yet the water was not. Miracle. Super cool baptism and confirmation.

That was the highlight of the week, we also found a lot of people and had a drunk guy insult me and lie to me and if there weren't an investigator in the street waiting for me I may have insulted him back. Luckily, however, I was with Elder Holtby, so he didn't understand what the guy was saying.

And that was my week. I need two things from you all: 1) Name of the stake 2) name of the ward.

Thank you, happy last week of May, catch ya later, un beso,


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