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Monday, April 4, 2011

Work...Fun...Work...It's Worth It

One more week completed of work and fun and work. Tuesday I was privileged to work with Elder Tyler Payne Goodman of Prescott, Arizona (his twin brother was my companion in the MTC). He came on over to 9 de Julio and we had an awesome day. Had a lot fun, did a lot of catching up and a lot of teaching, contacting, moving, and serving the Lord. It was way good, and even though the two Elder Goodmans are different, it kinda felt like I was in the MTC again. It was a great day.

Friday was April Fool's Day. It was also the day in which Marcelo and Silvina Paz made the final step to getting married. This Friday Marcelo and Silvina are getting married! They are an absolutely amazing family and I am so excited for their wedding and their baptism and their life in the gospel. They loved General Conference. They went with notebooks and an open heart with the intention of learning and being able to more closely follow the Savior. We also had other people in conference. I myself really enjoyed conference, but I wasn't able to see the last two talks or the prophet's closing remarks due to an unexpected hail storm that messed with the satelite. It's okay though, I'll read it when I get home. I'd do it here, but the Liahona always gets here late, especially when it's the Conference edition.

So I'm doing great. This is the final week of the transfer, so next Monday, you'll be updated on some changes (which I'm pretty sure will occur, but you never know). I hope you are all doing great. I love you all and hope you have a super week.



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