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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Mission = 21 Months of Awesome !

Well another week has come and gone. There was plenty of walking, of teaching, of frustration, and of sweet moments.

Let's start with Tuesday. We ate lunch with the Musayón family (way super awesome family). They are from Peru but have lived here for 12 years. The mother's ex-daughter in law just moved here from Peru with her nine year old son. We ate lunch with them and taught them a little lesson and it went super dooper. The Musayón family is very involved in the missionary work and they were trying to place baptismal dates and explain how much they would love their baptism before they ever went to church haha.

Wednesday we had to go to the hospital because my comp has to do yearly exams for something he had six years ago. While I was in the waiting room I fell asleep. I was suddenly awoken by a woman who addressed me as Elder she was a member from another province who has to spend a month in Córdoba for medical studies and treatments. She was asking where the nearest chapel was. I was glad to help but a little embarrassed for falling asleep. Not embarrassed enough I guess because another member showed up and talked to me too haha. It was an interesting waiting room experience. Wednesday, however, was not my trip to the hospital this week. Saturday night Elder Palmer ( who lives in the same apartment) was in a lot stomach pain. I asked if he wanted to go to the hospital. He said no it was okay, until he woke me up at 12:30 asking to go to the hospital. So we all got up and got dressed to go to the hospital at one in the morning. We make it the hospital, he gets checked out and is given a diet and told it's just a tummy ache. We are not going to let him live it down that he woke us up in the middle of the night to go to the emergency room for a tummy ache.
This same Elder Palmer, along with his comp Elder Maude, live with us but work in a different ward a couple miles down the road. They take a bus every morning to get to their area. Well it's the end of the month and they are out of money. I gave them ten pesos (enough to get to their area and get back that night). I said this is get to your area. Elder Palmer was hungry and listened to his stomach instead of my words and used the ten pesos for food (ten pesos can't really buy much though) and then worked in our area. We didn't know though, until that night when we got home that they had worked in our area and found us seven new people to teach.

Alright, so 21 months of missionary work has equaled 21 months of awesome! I'm so happy to be here and I am trying to make the best of every minute seeing how there are only three months left. However, in those three months I'm planning on baptizing many more people and have many more awesome memories and helping many more people.

Have a great week every body!



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