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Monday, April 11, 2011

What A Week - Wedding...Baptisms...New Companion

Alrighty, let's start with transfers, shall we?

Elder Antúnez left to a town called Cruz del Eje. I stayed in 9 de Julio. My new companion is Elder Lopez. He is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and just came from the city of Villa Dolores! He is super awesome and we are going to do great things in our ward.

Speaking of great things in our ward, we had a super d00per weekend. Friday morning Marcelo Paz and Silvina Navarrete were legally wed. Elder Antúnez and I were there amongst the family and the friends. We took pictures, we threw rice, we did it all. It was way awesome. We then did our missionary thing, and finished the day with the wedding reception. We ate, we danced (not really, but it was a little tempting), and we were extremely happy for the Paz family.

Saturday was a super busy day preparing the baptismal service. It was an incredible baptism for Marcelo and for Milagros (Marcelo´s younger sister). It was honestly one of the most rewarding moments of my mission. I love the Paz family, and I am super excited I still get to see them, and baptize the two people that still haven't done it. Although I am one who has never liked to stay in an area too long, I love my current ward and I'm excited I get to stay and continue working, especially with my first Argentine companion.

Sounds like everyone is doing good. I hope the Coral Pink trip is amazing. I, like Tate, cut my golden locks on Saturday. It was past missionary length, but was not like Tate's hair haha. I am training Elder Lopez on the Zone Leader scene. He is so excited and sincere though that he'll get it down in no time.

Aiight, love you all have a super awesome week, I'll catch y'all on the flipside.



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