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Monday, February 28, 2011

20 Month Mark Has Arrived in the Mission Field

Okay. Transfers came and went and I have six more weeks in 9 de Julio with Elder Antunez! Where to begin?...Friday morning, as we are getting ready to leave the apartment we receive a phone call saying we are needed down town for a church humanitarian aid project. So we were forced to scrap the morning plans and head downtown. The project was giving wheelchairs out to people that need them. Old people, young people, people in the middle. There were eighteen people with some form of disability that received a free wheel chair that morning. We were able to help out, with getting them into their chairs and pushing them around and stuff. Someone from the church was there taking photos, who knows maybe I'll show up in the next Liahona. Well that was fun, and then we went back to the grind.

Saturday we were blessed with two more baptisms. Tatiana and Carola. Amazingly, nothing major happened to prevent the baptism from occurring. No flooding, no lost keys (remember from last week). However, we did have to go to the chapel early Saturday morning with two paint buckets to empty the font. For two and a half hours we were carrying buckets full of water to the bathroom to dump them. It was exhausting, but it got the job done...and soon we have to do it again haha!

Tomorrow marks 20 months...crazy...super crazy to think! Only four months left to work. Only four months left to have people hate me through their ignorance. And have so many people love me more than I can understand for wearing a plack - Elder Lamoreaux. It has all been a huge blessing. From the fun moments to hard ones, I am so grateful I have had this chance to serve.

Funny story, in Gospel Principles on Sunday the teacher made a comment about the Book of Mormon being the best book ever, then someone piped up and said it was valuable but didn't meet up to the Bible. Instantly everyone took a side and they were all arguing over which was best. Poor teacher, she was called as Gospel Principles teacher just last week and didn't know what to do. Luckily, Elder Antúnez and I were able to bring order and the spirit back. It was pretty funny though.

Alright, so for post mission stuff. I have permission to get on the ASU website and sign up for classes and stuff, but I don't really have the time to do it, I know that you are extremely busy as well, but if we work together I think we can get up signed up and ready to go. Sound good, I'm going to try to get on today and try to remember my password and stuff then I'll hook you up so we can tag team it. Thank you very much Mother. You da bomb.

I love you all and I'm very grateful for all your love and support and I will catch ya next week :)



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