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Monday, November 8, 2010

Sickness...Loss of Power...Baptism...Great Week

Happy Monday!

This week started off in the town of Las Varillas. It's about an hour and a half from Villa Maria, and I spent Monday through Wednesday there on intercambios with Elder Madariaga (Chile). They were struggling a little bit, having problems finding people and getting them to church, but they ended up having a great week. It was really good.

Well Thurday I ate lunch and instantly felt sick. No one else did, just me. Well this sick feeling (and other side effects that accompanied) it lasted till last night. So I had a "fun" four days. And miraculously, in between trips to the bathroom we were able to get a decent amount of work done. We even had a baptism! María was baptized by Elder Hebertson Saturday night. It had been years since Elder Hebertson had seen a baptism and didn't remember anything about how it was done, but he did well. Next month we are hoping to baptize her two kids too.

Speaking of converts, Raquel Imerso received her first calling! She is a primary teacher already. She is excited and will do awesome. It's my first time seeing a convert of mine receive a calling. It was way cool. Also, yesterday two converts of mine here shared their testimonies and it may have been my favorite Sacrament Meeting I've been to in my mission.

Yesterday a super strong wind started up and Villa Maria was losing power and getting it back all day long. Well we had choir practice (preparing for District Conference next week), and afterwards there was going to be a fireside. Well the power went out and wasn't coming back so choir practice was cut short and the fireside was rescheduled.

You started your email with a lot of questions, thought I might answer them. P-day, today like every p-day in this area was soccer. The weather yesterday was wayyy HOT and windy. Today is really nice. Food, I like ñoquis, alfajors, asado, and canelones. I'm planning on making ñoquis for everyone post mission (they're not super amazing, but they're good, and it's kind of more of a cultural thing). Pictures, I'll see what I can send.

Love you, thanks for writing, have a great week!!



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