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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Remembered Thanksgiving with Non-Traditional Meal

This week I celebrated Thanksgiving with Elder Bryant (Mesa, AZ) on exchanges. We ate mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, chicken hamburgers, cheesecake, and salad. Not as good as your dinner, but at least I remembered the holiday this year and don't have to miss another one.

I do not have a list of things I want to do other than serve with all my heart before I leave Argentina. We have been experiencing the taste of Argentina on a regular basis, but we don't know where we can get ñoquis or canelones (two of my favorite foods and Elder Hebertson hasn't tried them yet).

On Friday we were sitting on a curb waiting for the other missionaries to show up so we could start an activity and while sitting a dog peed on my comps back pack haha. Juan Imerson gave his first talk on Sunday and it was amazing. It was much better than the other two who have been members for ten years. The other elders had a baptism this week, so we were able to go to that. Yesterday we had a man try to quiz our knowledge on our church. He asked if we knew why we were called Mormons and I asked him if he knew and he told us it's because the man who started the church, his surname was Mormon. We said no, he said yes because he read it in a book, then his son in law said no the man's name was Moroni, we said Jesus started the church, the first man told us we were wrong because his name was Mormon then the wife said no his name was Joseph Smith, the husband said she had no idea because if someone named Joseph Smith started the church it would be called the church of Smith not the church of Mormon. It was fun. One thing that I find hard about the mission is the massive amount of ignorance. I understand not everyone will listen and I don't expect them to, but everyday this week I had to deal with people that were extremely ignorant and proud and it makes me a little sad. However, I visit with flia Imerso or some of the other amazing people I've met and it helps me realize how important this work is and how essential God is in it. I can't achieve anything myself, yet I've seen miracles through the hand of the Lord.

I'm glad everyone is doing well and that you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I enjoyed ours as well, it was better than last years. I hope you all have a terrific and enjoy and embrace the transition into the Christmas/New Year season. It's my favorite! I love you all.


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