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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My New Companion Arrived - Elder Herbertson

My new companion did arrive. I went to pick him up Friday. His name is Elder Scott R. Hebertson. He was born in Mesa, AZ but shortly thereafter moved to what is known in Argentina as the "elder factory", Utah...Sandy to be specific. He is a LOST fan and I almost lost control when he asked if I wanted to know how it ended, apart from that, however, we get along great and he is trying really hard to learn this language.

My mission conference is this Saturday, I'm excited to see everyone and Elder Andersen. I've been reading up on all his recent General Conference addresses so if he asks any questions I can respond with his own answers and impress him ;) That in Spanish is called "sucking socks" or in English commonly referred to as "brown nosing", for some reason I enjoy the Spanish way of saying suck up more.

Villa Maria is doing awesome. Ludmila Imerso (12) had to give a talk on Sunday...let's just say I taught her well.

I did take some money, it was because I needed to travel to Córdoba to pick up Elder Hebertson, but there is a little leftover and I'm thinking of putting it towards a skillet so I can actually cook...but I'm also leaning towards a tie for the mission conference. I don't know if I'll actually be able to see the temple groundbreaking, but I hope so. In Spanish it's called the "palada inicial" or literally the "first shovelful" haha.

So I don't know if you noticed, but today marks two months until our next phone call, and Christmas. If you were thinking of sending a Christmas package it would be greatly appreciated. Here is a list of suggestions: consecrated oil thing (IDK what it's called in English), American breakfast cereal, photos!!!!, a 2011 calendar (if were church related that would be sweet, just for reference my favorite church artist at the moment is Walter Rane), and whatever else your hearts desire.

Awesome story of the week: yesterday morning all of our investigators were sick or out of town or we still don't know why they didn't come to church, but a quiet sister in the branch who I had never said more than hi to brought one of her good friends. Well her friend loved all three hours of church and before we could, she asked when we could come and visit her. Miracle! Every time I work and work and work and I feel like nothing is going to pull through God repays me for the work. I'm super grateful and know that he directs this work.

Hope everyone has a stellar week, next time we talk I'll be two days short of twenty and a half years old.



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