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Monday, October 4, 2010

Celebrating One Year in Argentina!

After a year in this country, I understand the language well, my accent is weak, but last night we met a woman and when I said I was from the states she was impressed at my Spanish, a couple minutes later she asked if I even spoke English, haha. Villa Maria is keeping me busy, too busy at times. So much to do, so little time. Elder Vasquez is doing well, I don't know if I mentioned that he is one of ten kids. This week I had the opportunity to work with an elder from Nicaragua who is one of fifteen. Today was another soccer Monday. I received a solid foot to the shin and have a nice baseball sized bump now.

I enjoy being a city again. It's so big it has two branches! And my branch is four elders away from being a ward. I'm working on that and we're adding one more male to the branch this weekend! I too am watching a family enter the waters of baptism this week! And luckily the only thing that has been stolen is one of my t-shirts, unlike your Elder's bikes.

I don't know where you get your weather information but I hope it is warm and dry. I had a cold, wet week. One of the coldest, wettest days of my quest was Friday (my day without the Panamanian and with the Nicaraguan). During this cold, wet day, my companion stopped by the chapel to dry his socks and shoes on the heater. Well, he now longer has those shoes. They completely melted! Luckily he has some others haha.

So the general conference was awesome. I enjoyed all five sessions, and every time Thomas S Monson talked I'm more convinced of his role, responsibility, and that he is telling us what we need to hear. Who would have thought we needed to hear about gratitude.

Tis it for this week. I hope you all have a super duper week and apply all we learned this weekend ;)



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