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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh, So Much To Say...Rain...Trip...Interviews

Oh soo much to say for this week. First off your rain prediction was correct, Wednesday it rained and it rained hard all day. I had to travel to an area an hour and a half away for a baptismal interview, but President Salas had to conduct interviews with Elder Madriaga and Elder Adams first. Well President Salas showed up way late and we finally left Villa Maria at 6:30 to get to Las Varillas by 8:00 for the interview, well with the rain we got there late (8:30). The interview went great...but getting back home did not. We missed the last bus so we had to stay the night in Las Varillas. We slept on the floor, we slept in the cold, we ate a pizza called "el Aleman" or the "German" which made me sick, so as if the cold, hard floor wasn't enough to keep me up, the aftermath of the pizza was. We got home a little after 8:00 the following morning, tired and sore, but ready to work!

That same day we found out due to members of the branch leaving for the long weekend (Columbus Day), we had to change the baptism of the Imerso family to this week. Speaking of the Imerso family, yesterday all the kids in Sacrament Meeting were running around and being loud and irreverent while everyone was sharing their testimonies. Hermano Imerso got up to share his and the whole room turned quiet and still and filled with the Spirit. Awesome! Also, Friday night while planning what to teach them the following day Elder Vasquez and I were stuck. We had taught everything. He suggested teaching more specifically about temple work, but neither of us felt that's what they needed so we continued thinking when the story of the Liahona came to mind. In Alma 37 it describes how the Liahona functioned and how we can apply the Liahona to the words of Christ. We both felt this would be a better lesson. So we read the last part of Alma 37 with them and they started talking about how it was so clear. How following the scriptures and the prophets and Christ will guide us to a better future just like it guided Lehi's family. Then hermano Imerso told us he was exhausted from work and was contemplating taking a Sunday off, but that would be being lazy and not following the "Liahona". Super awesome. Also in church we had two new investigators. One is a simple woman and she loved it. The other is a lawyer with a lot of doubts but wants to learn more, so he is reading the teachings of President Kimball, haha.

I also ate dinner with the head of the missionary department last night. He's buddy with apostles and stuff and has a touch screen laptop thing. Coolest technology I have seen in awhile, haha. He is staying with the owner of the Zone Leaders house. He served here thirty years ago and continues his friendship with her. She is not a member, but her cancer disappeared after a blessing from Elder Scott when he was mission president here. It was pretty cool to meet him and eat dinner with him and her.

I became district leader when transfers happened. I have to give training in district meeting every week, do baptismal interviews, do exchanges, and make the zone leaders happy. The white bible explains it better than I can, I'm still trying to figure it out. Being a missionary is enough responsibility, but now I have to concern myself over four areas instead of one.

I'm glad everyone is doing well! Sports, school, work, callings, motorcycle rides, everything. Keep it up.


Elder LMX

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