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Monday, September 27, 2010

When I was born did you ever think someday I would be playing soccer in Argentina in the middle of a rain storm?

This week will mark one year in this country and 5/8 of my mission complete. It has been ridiculously fast and there is so much that needs to get done, but I assume it's like that for everyone. Yesterday we had a surprise guest at church, President Salas. There is a young man who needed his final mission interview to send his papers, and he needed to meet with some other people, and interview the six elders serving in the city of Villa Maria. In the interview he started asking about how I felt about the time I've completed in the mission. Then we talked a lot about Villa Dolores, about the district I'm in, and then about me. President Salas is great. It was also awesome to see him there because he got to meet the Imerso family (possibly the best investigators I've had, but they do have some tough competition).

It has been raining a lot all week, today harder than any other day. Would you like to know what we did for preparation day with all this heavy rain. We played soccer for five hours straight. It was cold, wet, vicious, yet ridiculously fun. Several missionaries were saying it was the funnest they've had in a long time. When I was born did you ever think someday I would be playing soccer in Argentina in the middle of a rain storm? I'll be honest, it never crossed my mind. Yesterday while working in the rain we knocked on a door. The street on which this house was located was completely flooded. We were walking through thick mud in people's front yards to stay out of the deep water. Well here in Argentina the two most common excuses to not listen are "I'm breast feeding at the moment" or "We're leaving", this door we knocked the man decided to go with the classic "I would but we're leaving right now". I couldn't help but turn around and see a river instead of street and couldn't help but ask where. It was a little funny.

It's good hear that every one is doing well. I was blessed with the best family. I love hearing about all five of you. Have a great week!



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