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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 5 - Gaining Testimonies

Alright so I have a couple things to report on for my week. First off, Beatriz (an investigator of nine months) has a baptismal date for the 24th of July. Important day for our church, our family, and now Beatriz. Not only Beatriz, however. Similar to my little brother Tate, a young woman in the ward brought a friend to church several months ago. The friend really enjoyed it, but felt scared to join or ever really participate, or listen to the missionary lessons, but she liked church and us and the BoM. Well, her mother (Beatriz) is a good mother and wanted to know what her daughter was doing with the church and how the church was. Well she started listening to the missionaries and slowly has been coming to church and gaining a testimony of all these things, well we asked her to be baptized this week and she accepted, then following the Spirit we invited the daughter in to tell her the good news and we could see she was happy for her mother so in the moment we invited the daughter too and she accepted because of her mother's example and she knew she have the support of not only her friend but of her mother. Super awesome day!

Good story number two for the week. My area is geographically ginormous. I cover Villa Dolores and almost everything between it and Córdoba. We have some members that live about 45 minutes away in a town called Cura Brochero who really want us to work with them to help Cura Brochero strengthen the members, create new members, and eventually form a branch. Well when someone wants to work with us we can't say no, so Elder Flaherty and I journeyed out to Cure Brochero for a day and worked with this awesome family and a member (Mateo) from Córdoba. Mateo served a mission in Costa Rica and recently returned. Before serving he tried to do missionary work in Brochero by himself. Well as we started worked we prayed and he had a specific house come to his mind so we went to this house. Three years ago he knocked a door that nobody answered, but it had an open window. He placed the BoM inside the window and left not thinking much of it. When we found and knocked the house a woman came out with a smile and asked if we were the people who left a Book of Mormon inside her window. Mateo responded yes and said he assumed someone had been sleeping and didn't answer the door. She said she had been at work but left the window open for the cat and when she came home she found the book and started reading it. She loves it and thanked us for giving it to her and for coming back (even if it took three years). Well we are going back to see her again with Mateo and I am super excited! I also am meeting my new Mission President this Thursday. Should be fun!

Love you, enjoy your week,


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