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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Love This Mission

Monday we spent the p-day in Merlo. We played soccer and had some fun. We missed the bus that night so we had to stay the night and take one the next morning. Well, winter hit pretty hard this past week, not a lot, but there was some snow in a lot of the country and it snowed in the mountains near us. The bus we take has no heating and it really isn't sealed so it was a freezing two hour bus ride back to Villa Dolores. Then we worked throughout the week and then I had to travel back to Merlo Thursday night for exchanges on Friday. Elder McClellan and I worked hard and had a fun day. We talked to a lot of people and helped a man approach his baptism. Every Saturday we eat with the Cordoro family. The mother is usually at church. The husband and none of their three sons have come since I arrived three and a half months ago, but they are all friendly and feed us every week. Well Elder Flaherty shared a scripture from the Doctrine and Covenants about blessings and obedience to God's laws. It looked like we may have hurt Brother Cordoro's feelings from his facial expressions to the scripture. We left feeling a little bad, thinking he have taken it as a rebuking, although it wasn't intended to be so. Well the next morning as we were walking up to the chapel we saw him walking up as well. I was so excited to see him there with his wife and oldest daughter. They all stayed for all three hours and everybody was super excited to see him. I was extremely grateful he came, and I hope he continues to come. I guess Elder Flaherty chose the right scripture to have the Spirit bring a change about in him. Two weeks left in the transfer and it's interesting to think who will stay and who will go. Not only in Villa Dolores but in Merlo too. The work, however, is more important than transfers haha, just makes me want to work hard these two weeks in Villa Dolores just in case they're my last two. I love this mission. Some days are worse than others, but this is the most important thing I can be doing right now.



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