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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ridiculously Hot and Waiting for a Cool Down

Hey there,

Alright so this was an interesting busy week. We finally found some investigators who are progressing because the majority of everyone we had has fallen through the cracks. We teach about families and temples about 673 times a day so it kinda makes me trunky (missionary term for nostalgic, but not in a bad way) for the temple and my family. I taught a lesson using all the photos you sent me, with the big winner beginning Tyra's baptism. I fell ill for the first time in my mission! w00t w00t. No idea what I ate or did but I did not sleep nor have the capacity to study or even work yet somehow I did. And one of the people I found that day came to church (which ended up being three hours of rebuking the ward in every aspect, interesting first Sunday in church, but I think it'll work out). Yes from my comment last week, I spoke last minute in Sacrament meeting, then visited an investigator who was at church and said she learned from what I said, way cool.

I'm doing good and things with my companion are pretty good too. Everyone keeps asking about the food here in Argentina and what I miss. I miss syrup and peanut butter and burritos and tacos and fajitas, and basically all of it, but Mexican more than the rest. I have only found one burrito and I don't know if I will ever find more. Tortillas don't even exist here :( but there is a restaurant down the street who just start making tacos so maybe a Mexican revolution is starting in Argentina, and it's about time (although I have to yet to try the tacos, there's not
time to eat at restaurants). Argentine food is interesting. It's all ridiculously basic and often bland...but not bad. They eat french bread with every meal, but it's hard to find good bread. But the best food would probably be empanadas. They are similar to a miniature tortilla and they can be filled with ham or cheese or chicken, but usually hamburger with onion and cooked with lemon.

The weather is still ridiculously hot, and inside houses is always hotter than outside because no one has AC or fans so we bake inside the cinder block homes, hopefully fall gets here soon. I'm not in the big building part of the city, I'm on the outskirts part, kinda like home, except that pavement is rare (it's all uncared dirt roads, and the majority of the people with any type of vehicle drive scooters, it's interesting).

Some more answers to questions: my ward has 192 members, no missionaries, as for youth and primary I am not sure on the numbers. I use the computer at the cyber (nobody in Argentina has their own computer so these businesses are all over the place). President Olsen decided to mess around with our p-days so yeah usually I write late because the circumstances are weird and I'm not a fan, we'll see if this schedule sticks come July when a new president arrives.

Elder Holland gave a talk to the mission presidents in South America about the "divine companionship" which is all about the companionship between the missionary and the Spirit. So Pres Olsen always references it.

Thanks for all the updates, sounds like you're all busy, and doing well. I'm glad. I love you and I'll catch ya next week,


ps I found a sale on ADES (the most delicious beverage ever, it's soy juice which sounds weird but it's McDonalds).

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