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Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend At Bernies (idk why, nobody died but that's what came to my mind)

Okay well a lot happened this week but all you are going to hear about is the weekend.

1100 hours: Work day begins. A couple lessons. A couple more rejections. Your normal morning.

1330 hours: Lunch with the Campos family. Lunch was way awesomely delicious. As we are eating a storm rolls in from nowhere and it starts raining hard. We finish eating and pray the winds and the rains die down soon so we can leave and fill the baptismal font. Neither the rain nor the winds ceased, and we could not chill in their house and we had things to do so we left in the pouring rain. As we make it out to the main street we only see a river where the road once stood. We removed our shoes, rolled our pants (which still got wet) and waded the rushing stream.

1700 hours: In the chapel we start filling the font and were going to set up chairs and all that when we realized we had forgotten a key, so we return to the apartment (only two blocks away). As we approach the corner on which we live we noticed the window on our top floor was missing. We climb the stairs to our apartment and open the door to a flooded apartment. Everything is soaked. Elder Guthrie (one of the APs) just finished his mission and all his luggage was sitting on the now flooded floor. So as we go up to our second floor we see shattered glass everywhere. The storm had blown the window which gave us trouble a couple weeks back and shattered the entire sliding glass door, permitting all the rain to enter upstairs and filter through our wooden floors to the lower level. We salvaged what we could but there is no time, there is a baptism and it must go on. Then we make it back to the chapel and finish setting everything up and we get a phone call from the missionary in charge of all the apartments, and the APs to assess the damage. So we had to return to the apartment again. Then finally make it to the chapel for the last time.

1900 hours: The baptismal service begins for Agustin and Rocío. It was one of the best I have ever been to (and not to brag or anything but I kinda planned it). A ton of people showed up and everything was awesome. It was, dare I say, legendary.

2100 hours: Elder Pacheco and I are feeling crazy good from what happened and everyone is having fun eating refreshments and enjoying one anothers company. We are enjoying our cake and Elder Pacheco and I start joking around like I'm president and he is Elder Guthrie and we are reenacting his exit interview (of how we thought it went), when who happens to call, President Olsen. I love President Olsen but you cannot be a little nervous/anxious when he unexpectedly calls. He speaks to Elder Pacheco and tells him of his transfer news. Elder Pacheceaux (as he likes to write his name now haha) is now a zone leader. I gave him a ZL high five but then President wanted to speak with me. He delivered me my transfer news as well (which is usually done by the DL (district leaders) or ZL(zone leader)), let's say it was a little surprising and I'm not sure how I feel.

0030 hours: we finally finish getting all the water out of our apartment and get to bed.

As for Sunday I had the privilege of confirming Rocío a member of the church and giving her the gift of the Holy Ghost.

As for my new companion and his description, I apologize but you are going to have to wait till next week for that information. Why? Because he has not arrived to Argentina yet. I meet him tomorrow afternoon.

Well I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve and have such awesome experiences regardless of flooding, I love what I am doing and this gospel and the power it has.

Catch ya next week.


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