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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Transfers Next Week - Where Will I Be

Tis the last week of the transfer, so next week I'll fill you in on how that turns out. As for this week some interesting things went down. Elder Pacheco and I were doing some missionary work one day and had this lady stopped on her bike to talk to us in the street and ask if we needed help or if we were looking for someone in particular. We said yeah we were looking for you (not verbatim but still something along those lines). The following day we had a lesson with Santiago and he told us about his neighbor who has nine cats and that there is was a house down the street with 18 dogs. Well we finished our lesson and followed up on what was next on the agenda. We heard a ruckous of canines and laughed saying hey this must be the house Santiago was talking about. Well this house turns out to be the lady who stopped us on her bike. So we knocked and counted 16 dogs outside, she let us and how many dogs were inside, 12....and eight cats. It's the first two story house I've entered on my quest and she lives upstairs while all her animals live downstairs. It was kinda a little, okay, really crazy but she's way solid and excited to hear more.

Fun story number two, Saturday's baptism. We show up to the chapel to fill the font and all that, but the there was a little problem. The last baptism in Argüello was about seven weeks ago, the water was still sitting in the font from that baptism. The font does not drain like a bathtub, you have to use a pump, so of course the pump was broken. We tried to use buckets, but it took about three seconds to realize that we could not pail out a significant number of liters. So we scratched our heads for a long time and called the whole ward roster and finally got it fixed at 6:20 (fourty minutes before the baptism was supposed to start). Then at seven one of our baptists disappeared and I don't even remember the rest, but I do remember it was a super spiritual packed with people dunkfest (baptism). I also learned how to improve on the baptismal service this weekend.

I cannot remember anything else from the week because those two events are occupying my mind at the moment (the baptism more so than 28 dogs and 8 cats).

I'm stoked the Saints won and that my family is hXc awesome. I love y'all and I'll catch ya the fifteenth.



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