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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update of the Week


Well I'm half way through this transfer and things indeed are going well. Like every area, every transfer, and every week there are ups and downs but I'm definitely enjoying my current situation. The work has its ups and downs, for two weeks we didn't find any new investigators who were progressing, but this week we found some solid people. We passed the mission goals for lessons taught this week (the goals are 8 with members and twenty others) but it's really hard to get people to the chapel. Sunday is kinda the test to see how well you did during the week, and we are only averaging three investigators a week in church. That's the only area where we're not meeting goals and where I feel we need to improve.

Highlights of the week. I taught three lessons in English (one to an a young man from Sierra Leon who has lived in Argentina for several months but speaks English better than Spanish, and one to Fernando on whom I'll have to update you on next week). And not so much a highlight but noteworthy, my Spanish is at a level where I can wing sacrament meeting talks when they ask five minutes ahead of time.

We eat lunch everyday with members and we do use the recent converts to locate new investigators, they are great to use because they love helping, but we haven't found anyone who is progressing yet through them. We find more investigators through tracking but we do receive references as well. And as for the children I spoke of last week, they are one brother and sister and their cousin, the mothers are members and the fathers do not want to listen.

That's sweet about the rain and snow for Arizona! I love rain...and cold...I miss cold. It's been summer since May for me, I'm tired of it. That's crazy about a tornado, I have to tell an investigator because that was the first question he asked me about the states is if I had seen a tornado haha.

Random - my companion likes soccer but his favorite sport is tae kwon do. I'm the best gringo in my zone at soccer.

Sounds like all of you are still busy and doing well. Thanks for the pictures. I'd write more but I have an appointment and I'm going to be late.


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