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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great Transfer - Many Teaching Opportunities

Indeed I was and am busy with this transfer, I'm teaching more, working more, doing more but it's awesome. Cordoba is treating me with rain and heat, but she's being nice at the same time. My new area is in a word...awe...wait for it...some. My apartment is two stories, two bathroom, extremely hot and loud and when you first show up you think this place is way cool, then you live there for a week and it becomes less cool and then you remember you are a missionary and comfort is not part of the description, but it does have a pretty view out the second floor bathroom. My companion, Elder Pacheco, is awesome as a person and missionary, it is going to be a good transfer. He is the best yet and we're doing lots of work. With him, my everything will improve. My whole mission I will only cover one ward at a time, that's how we do things. Laundry...wait for it...machine! Yes we have our own washing machine, no dryer but I'm way happy I'll finally wash my pants. The difference between country and city: here is weird, everywhere I go I see these things called people. Other differences, here is prettier, but has less pavement so I'm dirtier, all day I'm walking on dirt/mud roads. The APs spend a lot of time with President so I don't see them much but it's better than I had anticipated. One AP is new this transfer so we have the same time in the area and he is pretty cool, the other is in his last transfer of the mission and bothers me but I can deal, and at least when he is doing the missionary work part of the mission he is a good example and teacher.

Speaking of teaching..I've actually been doing a lot of that. I'm teaching full time in a very awesome involved ward. We have seven people with baptismal dates coming up and it's awesome. I went from a branch of 20 active members to a ward of 130 active members. They also feed us everyday...sometimes twice a day. I'm going to leave Arguello a big boy. My chapel is on Vulcan street. I've recently given my first and several priesthood blessings in Spanish. And last random fact of the week, of the three companions I have had, all three have been district leader, interesting.

I did miss Dakar. [side note - Dakar is a world racing event involving cars, motorcylces, quads and big trucks. This year it is being held in Argentina and Chile. One day of the race they went right through Cordoba, where Levi is serving.] But I have talked to many people about Dakar, but a lot people don't really know what it is or that it used to be in Africa or that Dakar is even a place in Africa, so I've been doing some worldly as well as spiritual teaching. And as for real motorcycles I saw a CBR600 my last week in Oncativo (it was the same black and silver as the VFR).

Well, I love you all, and I am doing very well. I shall hear from and write you all in the coming week. Chao.


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