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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today is Argentina's Flag Day

¡Feliz 20 de Junio! Today is Argentina's Flag Day. So to celebrate a federal holiday the way it should be celebrated we did a good deep cleaning of our apartment. We also sang some of the ole Argentine patriotic songs and ate facturas (but we do that several times a week anyway haha). And here, like there, we celebrated Father's Day yesterday. All week people were throwing up the excuse of, sorry I can't go to church on Father's Day, I have to visit my dad (whether it be the cemetery or in his house, we got a lot of the cemetery excuse). Yet, through the Lord's help and some hard work, we were able to get 13 investigators and two inactive families to church. Pretty sweet :)

We spent Wednesday outside of our area, helping the Elders of Lamadrid. I was able to work with Elder Cutler, it was a great day. We got lost (he is new to his area), but we found some great people. Thursday we weren't in our area either, we had to go to another part of town for a Zone Conference, combined with the zone that Elder Goodman is in. It was great to see my ole companion's brother. Him and I will be sitting by each other on all three flights, but I'm thinking I'll be nice and trade seats with the other Elder Goodman, seeing how he is on our planes as well. What I do between transfer day (the fourth) and my flight in Buenos Aires, I have no idea, I'll just go with the flow. In the Zone Conference, we talked about a lot of things, but two things that stand out were one, an address given by Elder Jeffrey R Holland from the quorum of the twelve at the MTC in January. It was moving and spectacular. Two, in the last zone conference of every missionary they have to share what is called their "Testimonio Fiel", it translates to "loyal/faithful testimony" but it works better and sounds cooler in Spanish. So Thursday I gave my "fiel". I had been joking with a lot of missionaries that in my personal studies I was preparing my testimony and that I was even trying to produce tears. None of that was true, but the day of Zone Conference I started brainstorming a couple of ideas. As I stood in front of everyone all those ideas went flying from my mind. I still am not sure what I said, but I know it was crazy to think how fast the last 24 months have flown and how I'm not sure I'm ready to face life, but whacha gonna do.

Aiight, story time: We had talked with a woman in the street named Sulma last week. This week, we went by her apartment to teach her and her family. We knock the door and no one answers. A cute, little girl of three/four years, who was playing outside asks who we are looking for. We tell her Sulma. She informs us that Sulma has left. We ask the girl if she knows where she went and she says she doesn't know but that we need to take a taxi. We smile and ask to where. She responds, "I don't know, you have to get in the cab and say take me to Sulma, and that's where she will be." We had a good laugh.

The old stake pres is the one who releases me? Not the new? I have no problem with either one, and I said Fajitas because it is one of our family joints and I need chips and salsa, but I am content with anything, I follow the plans of every else.

Okayy, that's it for now. L. Lamoreaux signing off.



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