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Monday, September 20, 2010

Survived The First Week in Villa Maria

First week in a new area down. Met some members but everyone with a calling has a similar name (Claudio, Cristian, Cristofer, etc), I can only remember so many C's, but it'll come with time. It was weird to almost have church attendance of 100, but way awesome. The primary is more than two kids and my first and only primary program of my mission is next week!! Our neighbor's dog hates us and every morning chases us down the block. I live in an apartment complex. It's pretty nice, my only complaint is how fast we run out of hot water, but apart from that, it's the nicest I've had in my mission. That's awesome that you had a family of investigators stay for all three hours! We did too!! The family Imerso. God has been preparing them and decided to hand them to the missionaries at the perfect time. We also had a couple others in church. That's awesome about the Hammontree's! Alison (from Baltimore) hit a year yesterday. I can't believe it's already been that long.

This week we found a great nineteen year old young man named Roque (pronounced like Rocky Balboa) and a couple others and are working on several exciting dates in October. As we were returning to the apartment to eat lunch this week, an investigator passed by on her bike and stopped us and as we were talking to her the branch president drove by and stopped, introduced himself and invited her to church and it was way sweet. Things are going well. I'm exhausted, but I enjoy it. Fun fact, there is a sister missionary from Mesa in the district, and like Elder Flaherty knows Lamoreauxs that I don't haha.

I played soccer for a couple intense hours this morning. It's funny, every companionship in my district is made up of one Latin and one Gringo. So we played gringos vs latinos, then senior comps vs junior comps. It was so much fun, but it got cut short because we popped the ball! haha To me football fields don't exist anymore, they are all soccer fields.

Well, that sums up my week. I'm glad everyone is doing well and I hope that your weather takes a chill pill soon. We're gradually warming up here, today is super humid.

Paz fuera (peace out),


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