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Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

This week's news...well, not much happened really. Tuesday, Elder Frias and I had to go into Córdoba so he could take care of some nationality paper work. Turns out unless he returns to Chile for a day before January 14th he will lose his residency and have nowhere to go in a year when his mission is over, so we'll see what happens. While in downtown Córdoba I might have lead my companion down a certain street in which is located a stretch of music shops where I purchased a ... wait for it ... guitar! I've reforming some calluses and enjoying my Christmas present from my awesome family :)

Other events of the week include emergency transfers in which a good friend of mine left my district and zone (he actually received the phone call while I was working with him on exchanges). I've ran into quite a few esnakes (the Argentine girls who are into missionaries/gringos). I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish and working my way through the New Testament. Three missionaries devoured three liters of ice cream. Oncativo and surrounding areas suffered from some slight flooding. And I have stayed the night in Rio Segundo (the other area in the district) twice for splits and both times I believe I was dinner for the mosquitoes.

I got sunburned really really bad about two weeks ago but now I'm working on my goofy looking tan. I met a lady who speaks English today. She is from Argentina but her grandparents are from England and she went to an English school. Speaking of schools, there are a couple of schools near me, and their Christmas break is three months long! (it is their Summer break too.)

Things are going well. My Spanish is finally reaching a place where I am mildly content and can understand what people say.

Merry Christmas,


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