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Monday, December 7, 2009

Dunkage in Argentina


My second week of Latinism has come to an end. I'll leave it at this - North Americans and South Americans think in very different ways, luckily we have the same goals and desires so it all works out.

Saturday was, after a long wait, the baptism of Eduardo (Padre) Liendo. Elder Frias and I had the baptismal clothes in our house as well as our suits. We were returning to collect the clothes and to change into ours when we stopped and talked to a promising young lady. While talking to her we received a phone call from our branch president asking where we were the baptism was supposed to have started. We left Paola, ran to our place changed quick, grabbed the baptismal clothes and made it to the chapel late, out of breathe, and a little over heated. Nonetheless it went forth flawlessly from that point on.

The following day Hno. Liendo was confirmed and for his first time bore his testimony. It was incredible. Something else incredible transpired this week. We had 28 people in church! We had our plan, our backup plan, and our double backup plan fall through one afternoon. Of course this happened during the siesta when there is not one person to be seen, and you get yelled at for knocking on doors. So we stopped and prayed and asked for help finding a family. About forty two seconds later we found a family who came to church yesterday! It was incredible and it was a very rewarding week. Our average church attendance has been 18-21 for a long time now were at 28 and the chapel holds 36, I am going to fill this chapel before I leave (which I'm scared may be Jan 5). I could serve two years here. Also the branch really wants a real chapel and they were told if they could hold an average of 40 in sacrament for three months they would purchase the land for a building. I want it to happen way bad.

Another little note from this week, I sung my first Christmas song of my mission! In Spanish...and warm weather, but it's all good :)

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