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Monday, December 13, 2010

What Comes Before Part B?....Part-ayy!

This was a party week! Wednesday there was a young men/women activity (it was Day of the Virgin) so no one had school. We are teaching a 12 year old boy and 16 year old girl (their mother was baptized last month and we are trying to complete the family). So we invited them both, Miguel and Juliana. They came...along with their mother and cousins and neighbors and nephews. The other elders invited two young women from a family they are teaching as well, well that whole family showed up. The choripan (sausage sandwich things) didn't cover all the extra people, neither did the soda. So we tried to help out, but it still didn't reach. However, it was fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The following day (Thursday) we had a lesson with Marcela. She is going through a lot of rough problems right now, with her husband and just life in general. Well she had an important court meeting, she was really nervous. We explained Priesthood blessings and offered her one. I have never in my life felt so inspired as I gave a blessing. I have never been so bold nor specific. I was impressed with myself afterwards wondering what happened. The next day (Friday) was the ward Christmas party. Marcela came with all her kids and her neighbor with her husband and their kids. While at the party she pulled Elder Hebertson and I aside to tell us how court went. She said everything I had said in the blessing came to pass. She said she had never felt so peaceful in such a rough situation. It was way awesome hearing that from her. The rest of that party went really well, and there was enough food haha.

Those are the two big events from this week. Thursday I'm going in to Córdoba, so hopefully my package has made it and I get it before Christmas! Also, Summer does have a home, but on exchanges Elder Hebertson and Elder Bryant found an even younger puppy that was going to die in the street and ended up giving him away too haha. We're not only saving souls, but dogs too! As for the photo of me with my guitar, that is Villa Maria, on top of our apartment complex.

Well I love you all and will write and talk to you next week!



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